Artist Statement

When approaching my work I think about the relationship of process, material, and subject. I need to have personal investment in the subject matter. I work using multiples and often smaller scale. For subject matter I draw from memories and life experiences.
I use a variety of materials; but specifically stone, paper, needle and thread. I also use more idiosyncratic non-precious materials. I often play with the relationship of material to subject. For example in a recent piece I carved a delicate drawing of a pigeon into a piece of alabaster. I try taking things out of context and putting them in a different situation that would not be readily associated. When it comes to subject, I need to start from a jumping off point, either an experience or a memory that I feel I can relate to the material. For example one subject I work with is cigarettes. I feel it is a subject everyone can recognize. There are so many different images and brands to work with. For example I made a piece where I took apart many packs of cigarettes to create large cigarettes.
A reoccurring theme in my work is multiples. The repetitive work allows me to create a more interesting and powerful image. This process allows me to create a piece that is also more subtle. You need to look close to see the craft. It asks you to come closer, to see things you may not see at first glance. I choose materials with process in mind.  I enjoy working in a way that others may consider tedious. Doing a lot by hand and small detailed pieces. For example sowing with needle and thread tiny pieces of material together or hand cutting tons of bits of paper, or sitting and carving images in stone. This process helps me appreciate every bit of the piece; I feel even more connected and personally invested.
Subject, process, and material are equally important to me. I almost think of them as two separate entities, but at the same time constantly thinking how one will play off the other. I also learn and discover more about a piece as I work. I am interested in telling the viewer a story. I want them to be interested and walk away wondering and wanting to know more. I am also very interested in hearing how the viewer relates to the piece, and what information they gather from the images provided.  What memories of their own might the piece bring up.